Improve the Aesthetic of Your Industrial Property

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Looking to upgrade the look and feel of your airport hangar or car dealership? Shot blasting is used to clean, strip, strengthen and polish metal by directing a high-speed shot of steel particles at the designated flooring area. This crushes the surface of the floor and prepares it for further treatment and coatings. Shot blasting is used in almost all industries, including:


Western Power Wash is the largest provider of shot blasting services for businesses not only in Casper, WY, but throughout the entire state. We also travel to surrounding states, such as Idaho, Montana, Utah and Colorado. Schedule your free shot blasting consultation today by calling us at 307-235-4838.

Not sure which power washing method you need?

We’re happy to recommend the best blasting method to get the surface results that meet your specifications. Call Western Power Wash to talk with us about your needs, and we’ll recommend the appropriate power washing technique for your property.