What Is Sand Blasting?

Clean and strip any surface in Casper, WY and the surrounding areas

Sand blasting uses sand and compressed air to roughen up and clean various surfaces by stripping the surface of any type of foreign object. This method is similar to using sandpaper, and it leaves your surface clean, even and ready for coating. It’s one of the most effective ways to prepare or clean a surface.

Improve the aesthetics of your airport hangar or car dealership when you schedule sand blasting services with Western Power Wash of Casper, WY. We provide commercial and industrial sand blasting services, and we serve the surrounding states, including Idaho, Montana, Utah and Colorado.

Does your property need sand blasting?

Unsure about whether sand blasting is the best fit to clean your commercial or industrial flooring? Call the experts at Western Power Wash today to learn more about this pressure washing technique.