Industrial Floor Coating Services in Casper, Wyoming

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When you’re operating in a commercial or industrial space, your floors must stand up to your needs. Make sure your commercial floors can take a beating by having Western Power Wash seal and coat them! Our experts use an epoxy primer and a polyurethane top coat to make sure your floors are left beautiful and functional. These materials work together to create a durable surface that protects against chemicals and staining. We can also apply our corrosion-resistant coatings to equipment! We provide floor coatings for airport hangers, car dealerships, and any other large commercial or industrial facility.

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Why bother epoxy coating your Casper, WY floors?

Why bother epoxy coating your Casper, WY floors?

Industrial and commercial spaces all over the country choose to seal and coat their floors because doing so creates a strong surface that can withstand heavy wear and tear. Just ask anyone who is managing an airport hanger or car dealership! If you’re still on the fence about protective coatings, Western Power Wash will be glad to inform you about the benefits of epoxy-coated surfaces. Epoxy and polyurethane coatings:

  • Can cover minor imperfections or flaws in concrete
  • Create a sturdy, durable surface that resists damage
  • Won’t kick up a dusty powder with frequent foot traffic, like most concrete floors
  • Are slip resistant
  • Are resistant to chemicals and staining
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